Pitching Recovery Techniques 

Arm Exercises

​Tubing exercises for rotator cuff and scapula -examples being internal/external rotation and scapular retractions with light band work and slow movements with holds while the muscle is fully contracted.

Weight Training

Leg workouts the day after will allow pitcher to continue to strengthen legs while still giving optimal rest before next outing.


This doesn't need to be long distance running. This can be swimming. biking, sprint work, and agility circuits as well.

Deep tissue (Foam Rolling)

Probably the best form of soreness recovery there is. Either using a foam roller or something like a Lacross ball the athlete can use his or her body weight standing up against a wall or lying on the ground to apply pressure to the effected muscle while maintaining proper breathing. This technique is not the most comfortable one, but will really make a difference in the next day soreness after many throws being made.


These are some great techniques to help reduce soreness and aid in recovery after throwing, but remember to listen to your body and if you start altering your throwing form to throw, it may be time to give your arm a rest.  If your just a little sore it is still ok to throw just use caution and apply some of the techniques mentioned above.

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​Talking Mechanics

Corey Kluber: When asked how do you solve an issue with a pitch that wasn't working in the game?

​Kluber: "I think the biggest thing is your catch play. Playing catch with intent -- not just going out there and throwing the ball, but trying to get something out of each throw in order to re-ingrain the proper muscle memory. That's where you make the most strides. And the bullpens between starts will help iron-out things."

  Manoloff, Dennis

"Cleveland Indians' Corey Kluber visits DMan's World to talk pitch mix, strategy"

Cleveland.com August 19, 2018